State-Of-The-Art Technology For Workouts

For fitness enthusiasts and athletes, wearable smart technology holds the promise of delivering more and better skills, speed, strength, enjoyment, and performance.

Innovation equals numerous challenges?

While the wearable technology is still in its trend, the industry is rapidly growing as the developers continue to create new and better products, which incorporate state of the art technologies. Innovation often come with challenges for manufacturers and developers, these even range from actual manufacturing and development to legal issues, like the extended use of video in athletic wearable gadgets, this definitely poses both types of challenges, in terms of quality and privacy.

Outdoor sporting trends and experience

fitness-runner-garmin-smart-bandsThe technology companies are keeping their sharp eye onto outdoor sports and outdoor sports’ trends, gadgets already incorporating route trackers, strap-on cameras and route planners which amazingly improves the performance and enhances the outdoor sporting experience. Some incorporate automotive GPS products, aimed to assist cyclists, fishermen, hikers, rock climbers, and many other outdoor sporting enthusiasts in recording and bettering their performance and statistics. The market for these kinds of devices is continuously growing and is expected to be more popular in the next coming years.

Smart wristbands, aiding fitness and workouts with modern smart technology

xiaomi-mi-band-smart-bracelet-01Following the trend of “quantified self”, the concept of the self-knowledge by tracking the personal data through the technology, a booming market emerged, with technologies that track performance and training in such a diverse number of ways. These appeals to the health and fitness enthusiasts, both to professional and amateur athletes. Everyone, today, is paying closer and a very special attention to gadgets like electronic smart bands, these bands are gaining in popularity and manufacturers and developers are constantly improving such gadgets, incorporating unto their products state of the art technologies for fitness, health and personal comfort, which is the main reason of this popularity in the market.

Electronic smart wristbands are equipped with technologies and accompanying applications directly targeting fitness activities and workouts. Some of these devices are made specifically for running, weight lifting, swimming, cycling, training, you name it, incorporating state of the art healthcare technologies: reading hearth rate, counting the number of steps taken a day, some measure blood pressure, BMI and lean mass, and other physical activities, as well as help tracking food consumption and sleeping activities. These fitness devices can now collect data on wearer’s activities, and sync them to their smartphones, every push in development is towards the wearer’s benefit.


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