Sony SmartBand 2

sony-smartband-2-black-and-whiteLast year Sony has made an interesting addition to its smart widgets’ line with the SmartBand 2. Sony is proving itself to be a strong competitor to other vendors on the gadgets and wearables market, and works quite hard for improving previous iterations of own products. With SmartBand, Sony is succeeding in attracting everyone’s attention.

The smartband has key selling points like its Lifelog (the powerful and robust tracking application) and functions for tracking stress levels together with your fitness progress round the clock. As SmartBand 2 is thought of being worn all day long, Sony has put a great amount of effort to design it minimalist, durable, lightweight, comfortable and ergonomic, crafting it from the smoothest silicone, minimizing any kind of skin irritation.

What is our own rating for Sony SmartBand 2?

How does it stack up against similar products?

The band has an easy removable, slightly curved core and interchangeable colored straps, that will perfectly match your style with ease.

The strap of Sony’s SmartBand 2 is a little wider, but not chunky, and has an elegant clasp. Some say it might look old class but it most definitely is up to taste and preferences.

Sony’s SmartBand 2 makes assessing stress levels of everyday live a piece of cake, thanks to tracking functions of: fitness, heart rate, movements, sleep, calmness and excitement. It will help you ultimately reduce your overall stress. Lifelog graphs are excellent in providing pretty interesting insights on the stress matter. With its 2nd iteration of the SmartBand, adding an intelligent heart monitor and heart rate monitoring functions, Sony has pushed the gadget from more of a ‘life logger’ status to that of a serious activity tracker.

silhouette-man-in-shower-with-smartbandSmartBand 2 is rated as IP68, waterproof and dust protected. It can be used in fresh water, up to 3m for a duration of 30 minutes, this beats quite a few of the competitors in its class. The band is fine to also casually wear in chlorinated waters, like swimming pools, as long as you rinse the smart band afterwards in fresh water. Usage of the smartband in salt water is forbidden and might void the warranty.

How does it work?

smartband-on-wrist-lifelog-android-iosThis smartband is compatible with Google Fit on Android and Apple Health on iPhone. The progress cannot be tracked on the band itself, rather you’d need to pair with your device and synchronize. Sony SmartBand 2 will gently vibrate on calls and messages.

Another interesting feature is the smart alarm. The band will monitor the duration, quality of sleep and sleep cycles. Provided you set a time frame for waking up, it will continuously and gently vibrate when you are in a state of light sleep, waking you up at optimum times. You can control how the SmartBand 2 is waking you up connecting it to your smartphone.

The smartband pairs via Bluetooth or NFC and offers media control features for media playback on mobile devices (tap functions).

Used with the heart rate monitor continuously on, the battery will noticeably drain and will acceptably last for about 10 hours. Stamina mode switches off the heart rate monitor completely and gives you 5 full days of battery. The device is equipped with a Micro-USB port and is designed to fast-charge, it will charge in about 30 minutes.

Sony seems definitely heading in the right direction with its SmartBand 2.

Quick list with benefits of Sony SmartBand 2 Wireless Wristband:

  • sony-smartband-2-and-smartphoneActivity tracker with intelligent heart rate monitor and accelerometer
  • Track heart rate, movements, sleep, calmness and excitement
  • Measure pulse and stress level, energy rises and falls
  • Monitor the duration and quality of sleep, and wake at optimum times
  • Check data from past week, month, year and beyond with the Sony’s powerful Lifelog app
  • Gentle vibrating alert on incoming calls or messages
  • Ergonomically crafted from the smoothest silicone, very comfortable round the clock
  • Waterproof, IP68 Up to 3m depth
  • Easy removable core and interchangeable colored straps, to match your style
  • Durable, lightweight and comfortable design
  • Compatible with Android™ 4.4, iOS 8.2, and onwards
  • Media remote (tap function), control media playback on mobile devices
  • NFC and Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • Micro-USB for fast charging, about 30 minutes
  • 5 days in STAMINA mode, or up to 2 days with heart rate monitor on