LG FB84 Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker

LG-FB84BL-02The LG Electronics FB84 Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker is a fun little gadget. This band has a lot of similarities to products in the same category but also some interesting and distinguishing differences. The LG band is great for people who are looking to track their fitness on the go, while setting health goals along the way. It offers and comfortably displays the full range of fitness data: timing, speed, calories burnt and other measurements, alarm, time of day, altimeter and 3-axis accelerometer data, etc.

The band is activated with the push of a button or by just moving your wrist. It offers a bright OLED touchscreen to move back and forth between modes. The tracking meters include steps, distance, speed, run time of workout, and pace. You are able to measure forward and backward acceleration as well as side to side. As far as stairs go, the band will measure ascent as well as descent.

What is our own rating for The LG FB84 Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker?

The band is black with a screen resolution of 128×32, which makes it easy to see while working out. The screen is obviously quite small at 0.91″, but it is comparable to other popular bands and you’ll never have any trouble seeing the display window or tracking your workouts. The band charges easily by using a microUSB cable.

lg-fb84-bl-lifeband-touch-activity-tracker-music-controlThe LG band is compatible with both, Android and IOS, which is nice because it is sometimes difficult to find a good product that will work with both. The thing to love about this band is the direct access to music as well as to notifications from phone. You can control essential music functions from your Lifeband and listen to your favourite workout music right through the Bluetooth ear piece, pumping up your adrenaline. When getting a call or a message, you will see a notification as well as get a vibration to let you know what’s happening.

How does it stack up against similar products?

The LG FB84 Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker has an excellent battery life and there are 2 sizes you can chose from, Medium 6.5” (165mm) – LG FB84-BM or Large 7.1” (180mm) – LG FB84-BL.

Most fitness bands are strictly about health, which is great, that’s what these gadgets are made for. However, this particular LG band is more about fitness, also keeping you connected to life by giving access to your phone and music. Other people have also spoken out about this band and many seem to like it as well. Some say it is a bit heavier and thicker than others, which is true, but for some reason we like that feature, as opposed to a flimsy band, LG Lifeband doesn’t seem generic and doesn’t give an impression of breaking easily. It also displays the time of day, which many bands don’t, this is a huge plus because you can always pay attention to the time, especially when in a rush.

Benefits of using The LG Electronics FB84 Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker:

  • 3-Axis Accelerometer, measures acceleration forward, backward and side to side
  • LG’s Altimeter provides detailed ascent/descent data
  • bright OLED screen
  • AndroidTM and iOS® compatibility
  • Excellent battery life
  • Music control and phone compatibility
  • Full range of fitness data…all activated with a push of the button or flick of the wrist
  • Find Your Size, Medium 6.5” (165mm) or Large 7.1” (180mm)
  • Heart rate monitor capability

What are people saying about it?

Overall, people seem to be on board with the LG FB84 and would choose it for themselves as a major factor in their health regimen. You can find many reviews out there on Amazon.com, gadgetguy.com, newegg.com, and the actual lg.com site. We would definitely recommend this particular band, fitness portion and for the added earpiece qualities.