Jaybird Reign active recovery band

jay-bird-watchig-jaybird-reignReveled at CES 2014, Jaybird Reign is a veteran, premium, activity tracking smartband, but it is superior to many of its counterparts. The band looks great on the wrist, it is designed with class, equipped with high precision sensors and backed up by a robust application, compatible with iPhone and most modern Android phones, you can download the app for free from Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

Reign comes in 5 sizes for your wrist and the best thing is that you get to chose to either purchase the Small/Medium box, which includes straps of 1, 2 and 3 wrist sizes or take the Large/X-large Box with 3, 4, 5 sizes. Generally S/M fits women’s and L/XL – men’s wrists. Jaybird has a comprehensive sizes’ guide for enabling you to make your best decision upon buying the wristband, and is highly committed to ensure that customers get the perfect Reign fit for their wrists.

As for color, Reign is available in black, white or charge green colors.

What is our own rating for Jaybird Reign?

How does it stack up against similar products?

Jaybird Reign is able, by means of sophisticated smart algorithms, to automatically recognize and track activities like: walking, running, swimming, cycling, inactivity, or sleep. Your day is ultimately broken down in a time line of activity and inactivity. Reign learns your activity patterns, motivates you for being more active over time, brings you to maximum performance and helps maintaining the beneficial pace. The unique, among other smart activity trackers, feature Go-Zone reads your body and establishes a goal for a day suggesting how active should you be. For Go-Zone feature to kick in, Reign assesses Heart Rate Variability on a short morning test upon waking up, by just placing your finger on the top sensor for 2 minutes. Heart Rate Variability in Jaybird Reign is a figure for your fatigue and recovery, and is impacted by all types of physical activities and non-activities, being it sleep, stress, working out or many other sports activities. Jaybird is emphasizing a lot on the importance of understanding the body’s fatigue and recovery and has built advanced algorithms to help you out with these.

How does it work?

Jaybird Reign is an excellent sleep tracker providing an overall overview of your sleep quantity and quality. Reign smartband automatically detects you sleeping, learns your sleeping habits and patterns, and makes you personalized recommendations on how to improve your sleep and how do you get fully rested in the morning.

swimming-with-smartbandEven though Reign on your wrist is not suitable for diving or snorkeling, the Jaybird’s smartband is fully waterproof so you can use it with confidence tracking your swimming. Actually, there are very few smartbands on the market that can claim to be fully waterproof, most are just water or splash resistant. So, if swimming is part of your sporting routine Jaybird Reign is an excellent smart wristband you can have.

Materials the Reign is made of are of high quality, the smartband does not contain latex and Jaybird has made its best to help avoid skin irritations and sensitivities. The band is made of stain-proof soft silicone and perfectly shapes to your wrist, it uses a streamlined magnetic pin-locking-system. The 2 metal sensors are connected to an ECG biosensor chip and are made of high quality alloys. The sensors ensure good electrical conductivity for picking up your heart’s electrical signals.

Proper care and wearing of your smartband is essential, you can separate the band and pod, and carefully clean them in warm water. The Jaybird Reign is built to be worn on your non dominant hand, this will ensure the highest accuracy of sensor readings and personalized goals. Reign has a 99% accuracy when monitoring Heart Rate Variability info, which is comparable to high end heart rate monitors, the smartband is 98% accurate in terms of steps tracking and can detect the type of activity you are performing as accurate as 89%. You can wear the Reign on your dominant hand also, but should account for higher readings in this case.

Jaybird Reign’s display has 12 red and 12 green colored LEDs and is able to display time of the day and your progress towards your daily personalized goal.

The smartband can store in memory 48 hours of your activity, downloadable to your phone upon sync. Oldest stored data is automatically overwritten when memory is full.

Boxed with the Reign smartband comes a biking ankle strap, provided the pod is placed in the pouch of the strap you can enjoy the very accurate cycling tracking. Jaybird’s Reign will automatically detect your pedaling pattern and will track your cycling as yet another type of your sporting activities.

Recap of the features’ list for Jaybird Reign:

  • morning-coffee-sleep-monitoring-smartband-jaybird-appBluetooth 4.1 BTLE
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • ECG accurate Heart Rate Variability sensor
  • Single color LEDs for status and time
  • Lifetime waterproof warranty
  • 5+ day battery life
  • 5 wrist sizes boxed as S/M or L/XL
  • Biking ankle strap
  • iPhone and Android compatible
  • Black, white or charge green colors
  • Tracks Walk, Run, Swim, Ride, General Activity, Sport, Inactivity, Sleep
  • Measures your Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Fully waterproof
  • 89% accuracy for type of activity
  • 99% accuracy for Heart Rate Variability
  • 98% accuracy for steps tracking
  • Capacity of storing 48 hours of activity in memory, without a sync
  • 24/7 wearable
  • Go-Zone feature