Smart style and fashion: are smartbands chic?

search-for-fashionSmartbands are a great way to track your day-to-day activities making a great addition to managing your life and quality of your life. Small and compact devices worn like wristbands, bracelets, or watches, stuffed with powerful sensors, newest pieces of technology. Smartbands are specially designed and crafted to be comfortable and stylish making them easily wearable throughout the entire day, be it for no special outfit or for special events and occasions. Not only some variants or brands can tell the time, but they can monitor your fitness levels with high precision and connect with your smart phone to synchronize the information. No matter what the manufacturing goals are, all will record and provide you with valuable data. Smartband styles will vary by manufacturer and their “touches”, some sort of trade-offs obviously being made between the nicest style and the greatest functionality. Each smartband has a quite distinctive look and feel. As many brands as there are: Apple, Sony, FitBit, Misfit, Jaybird, Jawbone and more, that many different style choices exist out there, if you decide to get a smartband.

Not that long ago smartbands would have been a matter of a some Sci-Fi TV series, where people would look onto a device that fit over their wrists and take note of some figures monitored about their overall condition. First such smart devices, though great and innovative, had rather bulky designs by today’s standards, they looked like large watches at their best. Fortunately, the modern smartbands are not big, nor bulky, in fact the technological progress has made it increasingly more possible to fit complex technology inside some sleek, tiny and beautiful casings. Smartbands market is continuously adapting to new levels of comfort and style rightfully demanded by the customers, many smartbands adopt a modular design allowing you to have the core tracker removed from the traditional strap and inserted into auxiliary housings thus enabling you to wear the device around the neck as a necklace, clipped to the shirt like another cool brooch, by the ankle, or even clipped to the shoe. Misfit’s products are great examples of manufacturers’ cleverness. Just don’t forget that different wearing styles are key to different monitoring capabilities.

Many people would prefer to keep their fitness activities private, this is where the cool designs of modern smartbands come in pretty handy. Smartbands have been designed with small and discreet style, usually resembling a beautiful watch. Unless you’re in the know with all the latest smartband styles, most people will probably think you’re just monitoring time, or are wearing some interesting fashionable accessory.

A few smartbands can also be a subtle addition to your smartphone – you can quickly access information on your messages, calls, to-do lists without having to necessarily keep an eye on you phone; other smartbands could be an addition to your wallet – jawbone’s newer band is capable of payments, thanks to partnering with AmEx. Although smartbands have a quite precise reason to exist, there are many misconceptions about what smartbands are, what they are capable of, how popular they are, what do they look like, or how smartbands are different from smartwatches.

design-style-and-fashionThe styling of smartbands varies a lot by maker, they come in a rainbow of colors, making them so much fun. With some you can change the color of the strap to better coordinate with your outfit. These straps are designed to withstand sweat and be easy to clean, particularly while jogging or doing fitness activities. There are also some smartbands with straps made from genuine leather, or fake leather, with a stylish buckle in the back.

The key is to have a smartband that not only feels comfortable, but is also lightweight, and that can be worn all day long. Besides the quality of smart functions, you could totally chose your best smartband based on preferred look and style, no matter what you expect from the device: a small, discreet, bright, or bold smartband to make your own fashion statement.

There may be a wide range of styles in modern electronic wristbands, but one thing’s for certain, these mini electronic devices will continue to be a popular choice in electronics stores. The next years are definitely coming up with more great stylish offers for us, if no smartband still meets your fashion preferences, just keep an eye on upcoming new entries.