Jaybird Reign active recovery band

jay-bird-watchig-jaybird-reignReveled at CES 2014, Jaybird Reign is a veteran, premium, activity tracking smartband, but it is superior to many of its counterparts. The band looks great on the wrist, it is designed with class, equipped with high precision sensors and backed up by a robust application, compatible with iPhone and most modern Android phones, you can download the app for free from Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

Reign comes in 5 sizes for your wrist and the best thing is that you get to chose to either purchase the Small/Medium box, which includes

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Jawbone UP4

jawbone-up4-on-woden-tableDo you care for knowing how much you move every day, how well you sleep at night, quickly pay for your water without the need of carrying your wallet on your runs, and much more? Then this is just the right gadget for you, UP4 from Jawbone scores well for accuracy, comfort for day and night, compatibility with other smart devices or health apps. And the best thing about Jawbone’s UP4 is that it looks and feels great on the wrist, like one great piece of jewelry and not another tracking device. This smartband comes with lots of great features, uncommon 

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Microsoft Band 2

unboxed-microsoft-band-2-and-lumia-sleep-trackingSince last year October’s Windows 10 Devices event, eyes are on the newer Microsoft Band 2, a much improved version to the original. We do think it is worth the update and if you keep on reading this article, you will definitely understand why. It has improved a lot from the first generation of the Microsoft Band in every possible aspect. It looks and feels much better, providing a better level of comfort. The curved, Gorilla Glass, full-color, AMOLED display is great. Of the size of 1.26 x 0.50 in (32 x 12.8 mm) and with a resolution of 320 x 128 pixels, the display is a shift

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Sony SmartBand 2

sony-smartband-2-black-and-whiteLast year Sony has made an interesting addition to its smart widgets’ line with the SmartBand 2. Sony is proving itself to be a strong competitor to other vendors on the gadgets and wearables market, and works quite hard for improving previous iterations of own products. With SmartBand, Sony is succeeding in attracting everyone’s attention.

The smartband has key selling points like its Lifelog (the powerful and robust tracking application) and

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Garmin Vívofit® 2 Bundle with Heart Rate Monitor

garmins-vivofit-2-fitness-smart-band-01Healthcare professionals have been telling people that they need to get more healthy in order to cut down on the risk of serious health conditions, like obesity. Overweight is one of the leading risk factors for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, breathing problems and certain cancers. They have long recommended that everyone should get 30-60 minutes of moderate activity 3 to 5 times a week.

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LG FB84 Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker

LG-FB84BL-02The LG Electronics FB84 Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker is a fun little gadget. This band has a lot of similarities to products in the same category but also some interesting and distinguishing differences. The LG band is great for people who are looking to track their fitness on the go, while setting health goals along the way. It offers and comfortably displays the full range of fitness data: timing, speed, calories burnt and other measurements, alarm, time of day, altimeter and 3-axis accelerometer data, etc.

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Fitbit Charge HR Wristband

fitbit-charge-hr-wristband-colors-01Many people these days are deciding to finally make the healthy change in their life and one of the most popular ways is to become more active. This leads the way for the development of the newest piece of fitness equipment, the fitness activity monitor.

Fitbit is one of the leading manufacturers of fitness wristbands and the Charge HR Wireless Heart Rate + Activity Wristband is one of its best selling fitness monitors.

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