Choose the Best Electronic Smart Wristbands

smart-band-runner-tying-shoelacesWearable technologies are definitely what’s in these days, especially so in fitness and exercising. Any passionate of fitness tries to get a hold of the better yet smart wristband.

Few of the big key players in the business of smart wristbands, be it Basis, Nike, FitBit or Jawbone, offer you with all sorts of innovative features and prices that will just get you hook. With all these vendors vying for attention, it makes it truly hard for you to know exactly which to choose and where to begin with.

Here’s what can help:

On that note, let us help you and give you an idea of the thing you should be looking for when it comes to electronic smart bands. Choosing the best wristbands, there are at least three things which you have to focus on. These are the device itself, how long the battery’s life is and lastly, the price. When you choose for the smart wristbands you want, think of the innovative features it has to offer and see if it correctly matches what you need.

How are we finding the best electronic smart band?

  1. We select Amazon‘s highest rated smart bands, check out what they have to offer and evaluate available customer reviews
  2. We review in detail the best-selling products found, and we are making the reviews available here on
  3. We rate the products ourselves, update the ratings when appropriate and make the ratings available with our each review
  4. We regularly maintain our Comparison Chart
  5. Finally you can easily compare every product we reviewed and decide on your own what makes the best choice for you

Here are some of the innovative features that these wearable technologies have to offer:


  • Optical sensors – this can detect the flow of your blood, watch your heart rate, measure your sweat levels, skin temperature and gather all these information in order to gauge the intensity of your activities
  • IOS / Android support – you would surely want a smart band that provides support for your smartphone, right? Luckily, wearable technologies are built with other smart technologies in mind, already in every user’s hands, it’s for you to just chose what fits your own needs and habits
  • Other great features that you may find useful include abilities to monitor sleeping patterns and sleeping tracking
  • And, of course, the ability to hook it to a whole bunch of apps

Do your research, learn what to look for in your favourite smart band

If you will be using such an innovative technology, why not choose the one that can offer you the most amazing abilities? But of course, you have to make sure that it can actually function as aligned to that of your fitness purpose.

The disadvantage with today’s technologies is that they easily drain their battery. It certainly defeats the purpose if the smart wristband drains its battery so easily, don’t you think? You have to be real careful when choosing the product when it comes to how long you may be able to use it. Some brands might definitely come out as winners regarding the battery life.

Lastly, there is the price of your electronic smart wristband. It can be very well expected that smart technologies come off to be expensive. However, there are those that offer their products at relatively very practical price so don’t worry, you simply have to look for them. Check out our Comparison Chart some brands may have offers for as little as $130 dollars and so on.

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